Kim whispering into Manny’s ears at Safe Haven.
Kim whispering into Manny’s ears at Safe Haven.
The author and her horse shortly after meeting each other in 2014.

We thought we were at the right place, but a retired racehorse named Germaniac had different plans for us.

One moment it was the spring of 2014 and we were moving into a brand new house with colors we picked and shiny new appliance packages with those yellow energy savings stickers slapped onto them.

Three years later we rented it out and moved into a historic stone farmhouse built in 1865, with an even older barn and one stall deemed, “It might be safe for a horse.”

Turning For Us

I met Kate Goldenberg when I was 10 years old, and she was…

Kim is smiling for her camera as she takes a selfie picture.
Kim is smiling for her camera as she takes a selfie picture.
Kim’s Selfie

I took a selfie picture of myself on International Women’s day. Actually, there were at least five of them. One of them won.

On that day, two friends noted me as a woman they admire. One of them said it was because of our victories. That made me stop what I was doing. Most people don’t know what my victories are.

There’s the professional stage presence. I work unbelievably hard in a career I’m passionate about. …

I became quiet about the world.

At first I spoke up. I was told that there would be a rising up against people like me.

And they did.

I realized that we are not born as equals because we are not alike. Every brain is wired differently. Our chemicals are mixed differently. Our soul journeys and agreements are unique and even a mystery, even to ourselves.

Caring about each other does not come naturally. I had hoped it was part of what being human was all about.

I had hoped. Even believed. That teachers, parents, service persons and politicians cared about all people. No matter that.

I became quiet about the world.

I was wrong about you.

Screen shot of the Professional CV for Kim Krause Berg introduction description about her skills.
Screen shot of the Professional CV for Kim Krause Berg introduction description about her skills.
Top portion of the Professional CV for Kim

Creative Hiring Finds Great People

They don’t put people like me in job descriptions.

I’ve been looking for a job for 2 years. Why? Consulting is my first choice, but unless I’m hired for a project that needs an overachiever, I don’t grow.

I’m like a big oak tree. Well established and rooted in the earth, respected, and even admired. My roots reach out to other trees in support of their growth. It’s always been how I work. I see the sky up there and reach for it.

I like to work with people who see it too.

The reasons for not hiring me are as follows:

  • I’m not a developer.
  • I’m too experienced…

When you don’t know me, but label me anyway, I get the Truth.

Statue of a woman wearing a blindfold holding a set of scales.
Statue of a woman wearing a blindfold holding a set of scales.
I feel sad when I realize you are not hearing a damned thing. Even when the suffering is right there, smack dab in front of you.

When a thing is broken some people want to fix it. When a person is sick some people want to help them heal. Some people are motivated to help any kind of suffering, be it plant, animal or human. They would stop at nothing to make improvements to circumstances affecting their loved ones, even if it means sacrificing a personal want or leaving their comfort zone.

This is what can be. It is not what is. It is too easy to ignore the experiences of others.


“Mom, can I come home?” my voice wavered.

The rule was simple. When you left home, you didn’t return. It was now five years later. I knew the answer would be no.

The year was 1981. Everything I owned fit into my 1971 Toyota Corolla, including a cedar hope chest and my cat with seven toes on each paw, Abby Normal. I was homeless, jobless, alone and had just driven from Ocean City, NJ to a phone booth in Pennsylvania.

There was a small white church in the town I drove to, situated along the Delaware River on the “Pennsy Side” as we used to say. A short drive north would have led me to the Frenchtown bridge over the river to get from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. …

A red cardinal bird sitting on a tree branch.
A red cardinal bird sitting on a tree branch.
Don’t dangle the carrot in front of a job applicant who is a “maybe”. I was a “definitely not”, who needed to be put out of my misery much sooner.

For five weeks I put all client work on hold, went food and sleep deprived, and put on my Jessica Jones shoes and Super Woman mind-set to chase a job that was out of my reach.

Nevertheless, I pursued this job and set up a direct, ongoing dialog with the Universe about my progress. If I saw one of the red cardinals living on our country farm three times, that would mean I got the job. (Spoiler alert — He appeared twice.)

I have been a consultant since the day in 2002 when I was laid off from my job…

by Kim Krause Berg

Woman sitting alone on a cliff overlooking a river.
Woman sitting alone on a cliff overlooking a river.
When Coach turns to me and signals me to come over, I’m not always feeling ready, but defeat is another opportunity to practice being prepared.

I am not a flawless Creator.

The last time I threw my life a curve on purpose was in 1994. Unlike a baseball pitcher practicing how to toss a curve ball, this life decision had no practice runs.

I had to win.

They say that when you ask for something you want through prayer, dreams, during meditation or those debates with your guardians and angels during long car rides, it will come to pass when all the pieces are agreed to and there is time to assemble the best outcome.

Or, you can just go get the Golden Retriever puppy you have…

“Learn this”, he said. It’s just logic. (Image of a Radio Shack TRS-80 computer.)

I was asked this question. “How would you convince 90 engineers to incorporate accessibility in with design and development?” I had to admit that despite the ideas popping into my mind, I didn’t have an answer I liked.

The question nagged at me.

Everyone, unless they are already trained, certified or working in the internet accessibility field, has a limited understanding of what web accessibility is. We learn differently. What would make the most impact on 90 engineers?

How Would I Handle This?

I am the daughter of an electronics engineer. His career began with Philco, during the time of…

by Kim Krause Berg

There have been attempts to add website accessibility enforcement support over the years. Each has been met with failure.

Even though there are accessibility standards and guidelines provided by WCAG2.1, companies are not legally bound to apply them in the United States.

However, while the United States debates the merits of website accessibility for the general public and enforcing Title III of the ADA for today’s digital landscape, the number of lawsuits has soared.

There is no official set of website accessibility standards or criteria set forth by the US Department of Justice for businesses to legally comply with, other than Section 508 under Title II. …

Kim Krause Berg

Usability & Accessibility Specialist, Creative Vision Web Consulting; Speaker/Writer;

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